Shipping Clerk


  • Ensure all shipping paper work is filled out correctly and signed.
  • Ensure all bills of lading get to all necessary Shoals departments and corporate the day of shipment.
  • Coordinate forklift operators as to incoming and outgoing trucks and products.
  • Ensure forklift operators load the correct product, and all ordered products for the specified order.
  • Inform the warehouse manager of any quality, quantity, or other problems immediately.
  • File all necessary paperwork.
  • Confirm all standard order material in SAP for shipment.
  • Schedule material for shipment including; LTL, van and flat-bed truck loads in advance.
  • Communicate on a daily basis with facility management, corporate customer service, trucking companies, vendors and distributors.
  • Receive and verify against packing lists all incoming shipments.
  • Assist in cycle counts, production verification, and inventory adjustments.
  • Knowledge of environmental policies and work instructions related to job.
  • Perform waste disposal per work instructions.
  • Any other duties as assigned by management.
  • Qualifications

    Must have good typing skills and have 2-3 years experience with Microsoft Office. Individual must be able to multi-task, exercise good communication skills both verbally and written, and be very organized. Shipping/Receiving experience a plus. Experience working in SAP preferred.

    Team player

    Good attendance

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